Maritime/Shipping Industry Trade Associations

Business Finland offers Finnish companies a unified customer journey for innovation activities, internationalisation, investments, and tourism promotion. Business Finland is the Finnish government organisation for innovation funding and trade, travel, and investment promotion.

The Copernicus Marine Service is the marine component of the Copernicus Programme of the European Union. It provides free, regular and systematic authoritative information on the state of the Blue (physical), White (sea ice) and Green (biogeochemical) ocean, on a global and regional scale.

EMODnet is a long term marine data initiative. After completing its vision targets by 2020, EMODnet is now fully operational and further developed in its fourth phase. More than 120 partner organisations are currently involved in the EMODnet programme; new contributors are always welcome via the EMODnet Associated Partnership Scheme.

Frontex, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, is one of European Union's most dynamic and fastest-growing agencies. They support EU Member States and Schengen Associated Countries in the management of EU’s external borders and fighting cross-border crime.

GSBN is a trade data utility platform powered by blockchain that enables supply chain participants to work collaboratively to accelerate the digital transformation of the industry. GSBN is built on a permissioned blockchain with strong data governance where only authorized parties are granted the right to contribute and consume shipping-related data.

The Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI) came into existence on 27th October 1986 for development and regulation of inland waterways for shipping and navigation. The Inland Waterways Authority primarily undertakes projects for development and maintenance of IWT infrastructure on national waterways through grant received from Ministry of Shipping.

International Foundation for Aids to Navigation (IFAN) is an international association that promotes safety at sea and aids to navigation through the world's busiest chokepoints and shipping routes.

International Maritime Organization is the United Nations specialised agency with responsibility for the safety and security of shipping and the prevention of marine and atmospheric pollution by ships. IMO's work supports the UN sustainable development goals.

Middle East Navigation Aids Service (MENAS) provides essential information and advice such as the issuance of notices to mariners, advising on hazards to shipping and coordinating additions to navigation charts for the Gulf region. Operating from its main base in Bahrain and a support base in Abu Dhabi, MENAS owns and maintains an extensive network of buoys, lighthouses and DGPS transmitters.

Though traditionally designed to handle general cargo, over the years, the Mumbai Port Trust has adapted to changing shipping trends and cargo packaging from break bulk to unitization / palletisation and containerization. With the development of other ports, it caters to 8.61 percent of the country’s sea-borne trade handled by Major Ports of the country in terms of volume.

NIMASA is committed to the enthronement of global best practices in the provision of maritime services in Nigeria. Its areas of focus include effective Maritime Safety Administration, Maritime Labour Regulation, Marine Pollution Prevention and Control, Search and Rescue, Cabotage enforcement, Shipping Development, and Ship Registration, Training and Certification of Seafarers, and Maritime Capacity Development.

The Norwegian Maritime Authority has jurisdiction over ships registered in Norway and foreign ships arriving Norwegian ports. The authority is a government body subordinated to the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Environment. The NMA is also responsible for ensuring the legal protection of Norwegian-registered ships and registered rights in those ships.

The Norwegian Shipowners’ Association is a trade and employment organization for Norwegian controlled companies within the shipping and offshore industry. The primary fields are national and international industry policies, employer issues, competence and recruitment, environmental issues and innovation in addition to safety at sea.

Shenzhen Logistics and Supply Chain Management Association is a renowned logistics, transport and trade expo events organiser. The organisation also hosts the globally known China (Shenzhen) International Logistics and Transportation Fair (CILF) for logistics service, SCM, E-commerce, port and shipping, transport, IT solutions, mobility, air cargo, material handling and beyond.

Shipping Lab is a community Do Tank with the aim to "maritimize" the Youth and learn to see the sea !

Founded in 1845, the U.S. Naval Academy is a prestigious four-year service academy that prepares midshipmen morally, mentally, and physically to be professional officers in the naval service.

The Vietnam Shipowners' Association was established on a voluntary and equal basis for the purpose of cooperating and supporting the development of its members. VSA's members are all organizations and individuals operating in many fields of the maritime industry: shipping (dry goods, containers, petrol, etc.) domestically and internationally, shipping agents and brokers, training and supply of human resources for maritime, ship industry, oil and

The World Shipping Council (WSC) provides a coordinated voice for the liner shipping industry in its work with policymakers and other industry groups with an interest in international transportation. The WSC and its member companies partner with governments and other stakeholders to collaborate on actionable solutions for some of the world's most challenging transportation problems.

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