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The completion ceremony of the 3rd SITC Mini-MBA Shipping Management Oriented Training Course was successfully held

The Third SITC Mini-MBA shipping management orientation training class course completion ceremony was successfully held in Shanghai Maritime University. Lu Jing, President of Shanghai Maritime University, Li Xinwei, Director of the Office of the President of Shanghai Maritime University, Liu Bin, Dean of the School of Economics and Management of Shanghai Maritime University, Yang Xianxiang, Vice Chairman and CEO of SITC International, and Xiao Senyuan, Vic...

SITC International successfully delivered the new 2400TEU container ship "SITC Kagayan" in Yangzijiang Shipbuilding Industry

SITC International's new shipbuilding "SITC Cagayan" in Yangzijiang Shipbuilding Industry was successfully delivered on March 10, 2020. This round will soon be put into the routes operated by SITC to provide customers with higher-quality and higher-standard services and further strengthen SITC's competitive advantage in the Asian regional market.